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Kriti Tula, the founder of Doodlage, is a woman who made her vision come to life with a brand that screams purpose. Team SFD had a chance to catch up with Kriti and get to know the creator behind the brand.

Seams For Dreams Doodlage

When did you start Doodlage?

I started the brand initially in 2012. After this, I got a scholarship and went for my Masters at London College of Fashion and came back in 2014, which is when I really started working on the brand.

What inspired you to pursue sustainable fashion?

I have always been clear that Doodlage is going to be about ethical fashion. In just three countries – Bangladesh, India, and China, 80 billion square metres of fabric gets wasted every year so I wanted to do something that utilizes the scrap fabric, hence the concept behind Doodlage was formed.

Any growing pains?

The biggest challenge was getting the brand started. We had to figure how we would create the supply chain and communication, manufacturing, how we would pick the fabrics up, and how we would make it a sustainable business model for everyone that is part of the supply chain, including the artisans that work with us! Every fabric that is good enough to be reused can be put back into the production system so we were trying to maximize everything that could be created. It took us some time to figure it all out, but here we are!

Tell us about this in-store collaboration with Creo Lifestyle.

For this collection that will be sold at the Creo store in Mumbai, we got 150 unsold dead stock pieces from the store and we are now upcycling them to create fresh styles. Each style will have 5 pieces, so it’s an extremely limited edition given the nature of raw material. The first drop to the store has been done with 50 pieces to start with and we plan on doing another drop in April.

What other plans do you have for 2018?

In 2018, we plan on expanding and working on making Doodlage bigger, incorporating more recycled fabrics – cotton and wool, focusing on the website, creating interesting collections and collaborating with more people! We will continue to create more and more awareness on what we’re working on.

Seams For Dreams is honoured to cover brands like Doodlage that are doing their part to make fashion sustainable and our Earth as waste-free as possible. Check out photos of our founder Evelyn Sharma sporting her very own unique piece from Doodlage’s new collection.

Evelyn Sharma Doodlage Sustainable Ethical Fashion SFD Seams For Dreams UpCycle - 6 (1)

Evelyn Sharma wearing a CREO x Doodlage up cycled dress.

 Team SFD

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