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Seams For Dreams is a dynamic organization that continues to expand its horizons and collaborate with various like-minded NGOs. In support of one of their existing partner GreenStitched, Seams For Dreams is donating some of their pre-loved clothing that has entered its doors through its generous organizations. Seams For Dreams continues to look out for innovative ways to spread the message of sustainability and clothes swaps are just another way to reinforce this message. The organization’s recent #WearWashLoveRepeat campaign on social media has also been impactful, as Founder Evelyn Sharma strongly believes that the best way to further the sustainable fashion movement is to simply re-wear clothing and style it in a new way!

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With this spirit in mind, Seams For Dreams is encouraging more individuals to come forward to give unwanted, pre-loved clothing a new chance at life by attending Bangalore’s Clothes Swap on Saturday, April 28th, which is held with Global Fashion Exchange and Fashion Revolution. While Seams For Dreams typically donates clothing to those in need, this large Clothes Swap will give people a different perspective on pre-loved clothing that no longer fits or that has outgrown one’s closets. What’s even more important about this Clothes Swap is that it is allowing individuals to get a nice wardrobe refresh, without buying new clothes from fast fashion conglomerates which pollute the environment.


Fashion is among the most polluting industries on the planet, but Seams For Dreams believes that people can make fashion a force for good depending on how the clothes we already have in our closets is utilized and re-utilized. This is just another way to help save the planet and save your pockets.

This Clothes Swap is a great initiative that encourages recycling clothes, which stays true to the Seams For Dreams mission. Seams For Dreams is happy to support their friends at GreenStitched, Global Fashion Exchange, and Fashion Revolution as they help make Mother Earth a better place!

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