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Young, budding designers are really setting the stage for a new wave of conscious labels and it’s nothing short of inspiring to see so many individuals from all over the world supporting the sustainable fashion movement by being the change. These new designers are not ignoring the serious environmental issues caused by the fast fashion industry and are taking it a step further by traveling to educate themselves to witness the aftermath of the industry in the developing world.

Priya Ahluwalia, a Westminister MA student who has an Indian-Nigerian heritage, had a strong message to go with her MA collection. In an interview with the popular British lifestyle publication Dazed, Ahluwalia speaks about her trip to Panipat and Lagos both to gain inspiration for her final collection. In Panipat, Priya visited India’s global recycling center and was immediately stunned with the seemingly never-ending piles of clothing. In Lagos, Priya visited the large second-hand markets that were also filled with clothes that were donated in the name of charity but are instead being resold for a profit. Her trip opened her eyes and she no longer was designing just a collection but also began working on her book Sweet Lassi, which was produced by Harry Fisher and focuses on her time at Panipat. This photo montage of her time in India at the recycling center is part of her plan to raise awareness and to bring life to the issues we all so easily dismiss as not our problem.

It truly is inspiring to see high levels of innovation and initiative taken by up and coming designers to do more than just design another collection.
At Seams For Dreams, we believe in educating people and Priya has truly utilized storytelling as her way to do it. Way to go, Priya!

Keep giving in style!
Team SFD

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