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SFD Announcement: In Light of Current Events

SFD Announcement: In Light of Current Events - Seams For Dreams

In light of COVID-19, Seams For Dreams has decided to postpone all SFD Truck operations until our world’s situation gets better. With this being said, all SFD outreach programs and distribution missions have also been postponed for the time being. This comes with a heavy heart, but the SFD team wants to ensure the safety and health of its partners and respective communities.  Here are a few measures one can take to keep safe during these...


What is Slow Fashion?

The growing awareness of social and environmental issues is driving the growth of so-called ‘slow fashion’ worldwide. Both brands and consumers are increasingly engaging in more sustainable practices, which stimulates the idea of a more conscious world. Most of...


The future of thrift shopping!

As the world is evolving to a more environmentally conscious mindset, the future of thrift shops seems very bright. People have been repurposing worn-out clothing for as long as clothes have existed, but it was in the Industrial Revolution,...


Meet our advisory board member – Claire Marrinan!

Meet our Seams For Dreams advisory board member, Claire Marrinan! She directs her efforts to increase the population’s awareness regarding the importance of a more sustainable future. We love having her on board!  We understand the challenging and uncertain...

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We believe that every piece of fabric can be reused rather than discarded. At Seams For Dreams, we aim to give your clothes a second life.

Seams For Dreams Charity Trust (SFD) is a Not-For-Profit Organization registered as Public Trust in India under section 18 of the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

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