The Rise of Conscious Consumption!

It is no surprise that the effects of COVID-19 are being felt the world over, especially in relation to the global economy. The majority of businesses are on hold and the fashion industry at large has been one of...


How COVID-19 Has Changed the Fashion Industry!

 As the lockdown has been extended all around the world a couple of weeks at a time, the effects of the mandated shutdowns globally have become hard to ignore. Major events have been postponed, including the MET Gala, the...

How to prepare your clothes before donating them - Seams For Dreams

Donating in the Time of COVID-19: What To Do?

Seams For Dreams is calling for donations during this time, as the organization realizes the immediate need to lend a helping hand filled with wearable clothing to those who need it the most. With India under full lock-down, there...