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In Mumbai, it’s especially important to be conscientious about what’s in that closet! With space constraints and lots of unwanted or unused clothing, every season calls for a makeover that will help you simplify your life. This past weekend, Founder of Seams For Dreams Evelyn Sharma and her friends Rochelle Rao and Sasha Sharma went live and cleaned out her closet.

Sharma strongly believes that every new season calls for decluttering and donating clothes that have not been worn in a long while. Not only does this include clothes that haven’t been worn, but clothes that are redundant and you no longer need!


Want to do your own closet makeover? Here are some tips from Evelyn herself:

  1. Schedule the makeover in your calendar!

Because let’s be real, it’s never going to happen unless you take the time and schedule it! It’s one of those things that you could literally procrastinate on for years so set the time aside and stick to it.

  1. Grab a couple of friends and have them there for support.

Because your friends will always tell you the truth on what you really need and don’t. When you’re attached to your clothes already, it’s hard to make decisions to let go, so have your friends there to help you through the process! Grab some wine if it’s in the evening or some coffee or tea and have a little party out of it.

  1. Dump it all out, girl!

The best place to start is by taking EVERY SINGLE THING and dumping it out on your bed. This includes your shoes, accessories, and heck, even your make-up if you want! Make sure you take everything out of storage containers, suitcases, and your drawers too!

  1. Stick to 4 piles to make your life easier.

The four piles you should make are Love, Maybe, Donate, and Trash! This is all pretty self-explanatory but it’s essential to stay organized in the process.

  1. Don’t forget to clean the actual closet.

Closet makeovers don’t just include the clothes that are in it, but since everything is cleared out already, make sure you dust and clean it while it’s empty. It’s the best feeling ever to make space and put your clothes back into a clean space!

Most importantly, if you have any clothes you would like to donate and plan on doing your own closet makeover, just give us a shout at Seams For Dreams because everything you donate will either be given to somebody in need or be upcycled to be a part of our very own upcycled collection! Nothing goes to waste at our headquarters and we are so thankful for everyone’s contribution to the Seams For Dreams mission to clothe 100,000 people in need across India every year. With your help, we are closer to our goal!

Keep giving in style!

Team SFD

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