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There’s no doubt that Chef Ranveer Brar loves his Indian food. With hosting shows like The Great Indian Rasoi and Health Bhi Taste Bhi, it’s no surprise that this chef’s knowledge and understanding in something that is so important to our day to day lives spans beyond our imagination. Brar has always been known to utilize locally grown produce in his cooking and celebrating regional fare has been an important part of his overall message.

Now, Brar is finding a way to combine India’s food and fabric because he sees the correlation between the two. This idea stemmed when he was in West Bengal and was speaking to a rice farmer who was telling him his story and the hardships of growing cotton. Brar was intrigued by the stories behind both food and fashion because, in India, the textiles and food from region to region are so dynamic and diverse. There really is so much to celebrate when it comes to food and textile – and Brar tells us in an interview with Man’s World India that in places like West Bengal alone, there are over 200 varieties of cotton and silk!

Brar’s food philosophy very much goes hand in hand with his fashion philosophy and he’s noticed the mirroring of the two industries. After fast food boomed, fast fashion came out and after the slow food was being recognized, sustainable fashion started gaining momentum. Although Brar isn’t quite sure about where he is going to start, he does know that there’s a lot that can be done to showcase both food and fashion – from hosting dinner and exhibitions to share with the world the story of some famous regions that have both food and fashion at the foundation of their communities.

Seams For Dreams can’t wait to see how Brar’s idea materializes, as there really is so much to experience in Indian food and fashion. We can’t wait to follow Brar’s journey with this one and hope something pops up here in Mumbai!

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